Emerging DMV producer/artist Lef? caught our ears with his production and rap skills on his new release titled “5-10-21.” The self-produced beat has a warm and relaxing vibe that allows the rapper to deliver a smooth bravado-laden performance.

Lef? released a new single titled “Not Today”. Lef? is a rap artist, songwriter, and producer. As a rap artist, he may fit into certain genres, but his sound is not as easily defined. He creates based on his many musical influences and the feeling he wants to invoke from the listener.

We previously featured Lef Eye’s “Delusions” on our Soundcloud page with wide acclaim. Lef Eye’s Juice EP displays his unique approach to hip hop. The EP contains the same wide array of lyrics as his previous Throw Aways EP, however Juice displays a much more refined body of work from the young emcee